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I am a Licensed and Certified¬† COTA working in the school systems for 19 years working with special needs children. With that being said, having a full caseload you need to be organized. I learned along the way fast. If you are not organized, your days become more challenging than they have to be. When I became more organized throughout my career, I became more organized in my home. My closets,kitchen, pantries, bathroom, garage all became organized. I enjoyed coming home to a nice neat and organized home which made me enjoy to be home more and more. I was always the type of person to help other people so I decided to help other people become more organized in their lives to make life much more easier for them. Not everyone has the time or they may be not able to perform due to a disability. It is very rewarding to see the end result and a smile on someone’s face. I am all about helping my community in any way I can so I chose this path to create an neat organized space for people who need assistance.

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